Mastering DOM-Based Vulnerabilities: Tips and Best Practices

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We advise beginning with our server-side topics for total beginners of Web Security. Since you simply need to comprehend what is happening on the server, these vulnerabilities are usually simpler to discover. You can build some of the fundamental skills and knowledge that you will frequently use with the aid of our resources and laboratories.

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Client-Side Topics involve creating user experiences on the web through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It includes mastering frameworks like React and Angular, implementing security measures, and optimizing performance for interactive web applications. By understanding these fundamentals, developers can design captivating interfaces and enhance the overall user experience.

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Web Security?

Web security refers to the precautions taken to guard websites and online systems against hacking attempts, data theft, and other online dangers. To maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of web resources in the face of an increase in cyberattacks, it is essential to develop strong web security procedures.

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