Top Best San Pancho Mexico Travel Guide in 2023

San Pancho Mexico

San Pancho Mexico is the best place you should visit if you are a traveler and want to enjoy sometime in Mexico. Here I have created a small article just for you so you can easily get all the guides to start traveling in Mexico.

How to get to San Pancho Mexico

San Pancho Mexico

The international airport in Puerto Vallarta is by far the closest airport to San Pancho in Mexico. From a number of significant US cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Minneapolis, you may find direct flights to Puerto Vallarta. Several well-known airlines, including Delta, JetBlue, American, and United, offer flights to Puerto Vallarta. While it takes 5 hours to get directly from NYC to Puerto Vallarta, it only requires three hours to do so via LAX.

By taxi or Uber

50 minutes are required to travel from Puerto Vallarta to San Pancho Mexico. Uber or a cab are the most convenient ways to get here from the airport. Although Ubers are not available in Riviera Nayarit, they frequently offer significantly cheaper drop-off rates than taxis. Uber cost us 600 MXN pesos. You will need to cross the pedestrian bridge to meet your Uber driver in front of Tacon de Marlin on the other side of the motorway. You can reserve a cab or hire a local driver to take you back to the airport.

By bus

If you’re up for the challenge, there is also a bus that is very simple and drops you down in the middle of town. It costs 25 pesos and picks up in front of Tacon de Marlin.

Rent a car in San Pancho Mexico

Finally, if you want to visit the areas close to San Pancho Mexico, you might want to think about hiring a car.

Although San Francisco is the town’s official name, you won’t hear anybody else use it outside of hotel reservations and maps. The region is referred to as San Pancho Mexico locally. But when you reserve a hotel, pay attention to the correct name.

When to visit San Pancho Mexico

The rainy season, which lasts from May to October, sees a large portion of San Pancho Mexico shut down. Thus, late November to early May is the ideal time to visit San Pancho Mexico.

The city was crowded and costs were exorbitant when we arrived around New Years, especially in Sayulita, which is nearby. But once January got going, the people thinned down and it became quite lovely.

Things to do in San Pancho Mexico

Take a yoga class 

Yoga studios are likely to be present in any mellow surf town. And rest certain that San Pancho Mexico is the same. For a variety of daily courses, including Vinyasa, Hatha, and guided meditations, check out El Estar in town. My outdoor studio courses, which take place in a studio, were incredibly enjoyable. A drop-in class costs 200 MXN pesos to enrol in. No registration is required, but because they can get busy, attend at least a few minutes before class.

Beautiful beaches

Some of the most gorgeous beaches are at San Pancho Mexico. Even though there are many hawkers in the center of the beach, there is still plenty of room if you travel just a few minutes in either direction. The small cove, which is about ten minutes’ walk to the left of the main beach stretch, was our favorite location. If you are vacationing in Sayulita, San Pancho Mexico is a worthwhile day excursion because its beaches are substantially larger than those in Sayulita.


The sunsets at San Pancho Mexico are renowned for their beauty. The local scene is in the evening when the sun starts to set, although the beach is crowded with tourists throughout the day. Once the sun begins to make its final drop, you’ll even notice that people frequently clap.

We made it a point to witness as many of these magnificent beach sunsets as we could, especially considering that we were working during the days in San Pancho Mexico.

Enjoy San Panchos Mexico’s amazing restaurant and bar scene

The cuisine at San Pancho Mexico is superb. Even though we dined out three times a day for two weeks, there were still a tonne of locations we didn’t get a chance to see. We never had dinner that was subpar while visiting San Pancho, in my opinion. The variety of foods available in such a tiny area truly astounds me. Everything from the tastiest street tacos and delicious pizza to sophisticated seafood delicacies and even vegetarian-friendly eateries can be found here.

Go for a surf

Undoubtedly, San Pancho is a beach town. Its beginner-friendliness is not quite as good as Sayulita’s, but it is undoubtedly known for its surf. When you enter the main section of the beach, turn left to find a tiny stand where you can sign up for a lesson. You can schedule an individual lesson or hire a board. Numerous stores in the town offer similar services, in addition to surf schools and excursions to other neighboring beaches.

Enjoy brunch

San Pancho has a fantastic restaurant scene, which I’ve already noted. Below, I’ll go into more detail. But brunch is another specialty of San Pancho Mexico. Think at it from this point of view: you get up early to go surfing or to a yoga class. Perhaps you walk the beach in the morning before the people arrive. Brunch is a need no matter how you choose to spend your mornings. Here are a few excellent choices:

  • Maria’s (omelettes, waffles, enormous fresh juices) (omelets, waffles, massive fresh juices)
  • The Gallo (Mexican-style brunch with tacos and chilaquiles)
  • Loncheria (pancakes, waffles, burritos) (pancakes, waffles, burritos)

Take a day trip to Sayulita

San Pancho Mexico

Even though San Pancho and Sayulita are only a 10- to 15-minute drive apart, San Pancho Mexico is frequently disregarded since it lacks Sayulita’s renowned party scene. We enjoyed some peace and quiet throughout our workweek in San Pancho while spending our weekends in Sayulita. For a one-way trip from San Pancho Mexico to Sayulita, budget 200 MXN. At the Parque de la Hermandad taxi stop in the town’s heart, you can hail a cab.

Go shopping at the San Pancho Artisanal Market

For delicious food, San Pancho Artisanal Market is a must-visit. It is open on Tuesdays from 10 am to 2 pm once a week. There are several stalls there selling organic goods, veggies, handmade kombucha, and other things. We purchased a fantastic load of food to last us the entire week, including some outstanding bread made in Chile.

There is a sprout stand providing vegan tacos if you’re looking for something to eat now. The tacos are amazing and contain sprouts, pineapple, avocado, and hot sauce. One should be sufficient because they are substantial and filling.

Where to Stay in San Pancho

In San Pancho Mexico, there are a tonne of fantastic lodging options. During the busy season, hotels and Airbnbs frequently sell out, so I suggest making reservations as soon as you can!

When choosing a place to stay in San Pancho, there are a few things to think about. San Pancho Mexico is a town that is ideal for walking, so nothing is too far away, but there are undoubtedly some hills. The journey to one of our favorite Airbnb was fairly hilly (but it was amazing nevertheless). When choosing a place to stay, take this into account.

Some locations are also much closer to the beach, but because they are in the middle of the action, they can sometimes be noisy. The roosters, though, are always awake before the sun for an early wake-up call wherever you go. I advise getting some earplugs.

What to Pack for San Pancho Mexico trip

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time on the beach while visiting San Pancho Mexico, packing isn’t too difficult. There is really little need to dress up in the town, which is to be anticipated in a surfing community. A beautiful pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, or a jean jacket will come in handy throughout the winter because the evenings are chillier. Here are a few things to remember:

My favorite beach cover-ups and bikinis to wear while spending a lot of time at the beach are from Aerie Travel.

  • Wear a hat to block the sun and use sunscreen
  • Informal shorts
  • A few bodysuits or tank tops
  • For evenings out in Sayulita, wear maxi dresses or skirts.
  • One set of flip-flops
  • 1 pair of sturdy hiking sneakers or shoes for walking
  • During chilly evenings, jeans
  • A passport if you’re not a citizen of Mexico
  • Camera
San Pancho Mexico

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