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The Best Vampire Makeup Tips To Look Realistic In Halloween

We have shared some of the Best Vampire Makeup Tips, in which you will look very realistic and unique from everyone else present in the Halloween party. We have shared some tips which you must apply on your makeup to look more realistic and most attractive.

Best Vampire Makeup

Some Best Vampire Makeup Tips

1. Paleness

You have to choose a makeup containing white base, because vampires are pale or, if you want pale look then you can also add white face powder if you are not going toward sun. Before applying these things, you must check out that is your face fully clean. We will recommend adding glitter or shimmer powder on your face if you want a sparkly skin.

2. Eyes

Most of the vampires consist of intense eyes, so you can use black eyeliner by which you can outline your eyes, you can also add width and length to your eyebrows to look similar to a vampire. You can also check out vampire contact lenses that will change the look of the pupil of your eyes.

3. Cheeks

If you want that your vampire look becomes more scary and ruthless, than you must add a dark makeup to your cheeks and under the cheek bones also. This will make your cheeks more attractive and your vampire look will become more and more scary also that every one will love them.

4. Lips

You can choose two options for your lips that either you want to very pale or a dark color lips. If you want a dramatic look then you must apply dark red lipstick, or you can also add black lipstick gloss which will make your lips look more noticeable and attractive. And if you want pale lips then you can cover it with foundation or with powder.

Best Vampire Makeup

5. Fake Blood For Best Vampire Makeup

Fake Blood is very necessary to add for Best Vampire Makeup look, and it is a part of Vampire Makeup also. You just have to add some fake blood that falls down from the corner of your lips on the chin, it will look more attractive and scary. You just have to mix some fake blood, you can use some water, Corn Syrup, Chocolate Syrup and Red Food Coloring.

And end your Vampire Makeup by adding fake vampire teeth, these will make you look completely like vampire and will give you a complete and attractive look.

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