Blind SSRF with out-of-band detection

Blind SSRF with out-of-band detection

Introduction This is our 5th article on Blind SSRF. In this lab, we will be solving the Blind SSRF with out-of-band detection lab. It is provided by PortSwigger Web Security for practice. Lab Description Lab … Read more

Blind SSRF with Shellshock Exploitation

Blind SSRF with Shell Shock Exploitation

Introduction In this article, we are going to solve the Blind SSRF with Shell Shock Exploitation lab. This is our 7th lab or 6th article on server-side request forgery. Lab Description This lab contains analytics … Read more

File Upload Vulnerabilities

File Upload Vulnerabilities from Basic to Advanced

In this article, we are exploring file upload vulnerabilities from basic to advanced levels, including theoretical concepts and practical examples of seven PortSwigger labs. File upload vulnerabilities are vulnerabilities found in web applications. Attackers can … Read more

Server-side Request Forgery

Gaining Access through Server-side Request Forgery

Introduction Server-side request forgery (SSRF) is a vulnerability found in websites and web applications. This vulnerability allows an attacker to trick a website into sending requests to another server on the internet. Due to SSRF, … Read more

Roadmap to Becoming a Red Teamer in 2023

What is Red Teaming Red teaming is a methodology we have for conducting cyber security assessments in which an organization conducts a simulated cyber attack on its own systems, processes, or personal networks. The purpose … Read more

Advanced Bug Bounty Automation

Introduction Hey there, my name is Masaud Ahmad and today we are going to automate bug bounty hunting and web application pentesting from basics to advanced. This process requires the need for several tools and … Read more