Roadmap to Becoming a Red Teamer in 2023

What is Red Teaming Red teaming is a methodology we have for conducting cyber security assessments in which an organization conducts a simulated cyber attack on its own systems, processes, or personal networks. The purpose … Read more

Information disclosure vulnerabilities

Information disclosure vulnerabilities or Information Leakage is a web vulnerability we have, in which personal information on our website is exposed on the internet. This information could be users’ details, website-related files, or data that … Read more

Offline password cracking

Offline Password Cracking

We are continuing to discuss authentication vulnerabilities, and Offline password cracking is a part of authentication vulnerability. Today, we will give you a rough idea about the lab we will be solving. We exploit this … Read more

Advanced Bug Bounty Automation

Introduction Hey there, my name is Masaud Ahmad and today we are going to automate bug bounty hunting and web application pentesting from basics to advanced. This process requires the need for several tools and … Read more

Authentication Vulnerabilities

What Is Authentication Vulnerabilities

What is Authentication Before studying Authentication Vulnerabilities, it is important to understand the basic concept of Authentication. Authentication is a process where a user is required to verify their credentials before logging in to a … Read more