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Referer-based access control


Hello, today we are starting to write articles on Access Control Vulnerabilities. This is our 13th article on access control vulnerabilities. In this article, we will cover the PortSwigger Web Security lab “Referer-based access control.” We will provide a complete step-by-step practical guide in order for you to understand it well.

Lab Description For Referer-based access control

This lab is vulnerable to a broken access vulnerability. We have been provided with an admin functionality to become familiar with it. The admin panel credentials are administrator:admin.

To solve this lab, we need to log in with the admin credentials. We will then have to upgrade Carlos’ account and then upgrade Wiener’s account using that request.

Lab Solution For Referer-based access control

Referer-based access control

First, access your lab. After accessing it, click on “My Account.”

Referer-based access control

After clicking on “My Account,” log in with the provided admin credentials.

Now, click on the admin panel and upgrade Carlos’ account. Also, connect Burp Suite and start analyzing the traffic at the same time.

We have a GET /admin-roles?username=carlos&action=upgrade request. Send it to the repeater.

Referer-based access control

Simply log out of your account and log in with Wiener’s account. After logging in, click on “My Account.”

You will notice a GET request like this:

GET /my-account?id=wiener HTTP/2
Cookie: session=7aQ5IQY5tLzovFSlj8CeMWWx9tfsqZBP

Copy the value of the cookie: session, which is (7aQ5IQY5tLzovFSlj8CeMWWx9tfsqZBP) in my case.

Referer-based access control

Now, go to the repeater tab and replace the cookie in Carlos’ upgrade request with this copied cookie. Also, change the name from Carlos to Wiener.

By doing this, you will solve the PortSwigger Web Security lab “Referer-based Access Control.”

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Now you have officially completed all the labs for Access Control, Now you have to move towards the XXE Injection & the Labs Start from Here : Exploiting XXE Using External Entities To Retrieve Files. Good Luck!


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