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How To Make Your Eyes Look Classy And Attractive

Some tips to Make Your Eyes Look Classy And Attractive, having bright, beautiful, sparkling and attractive eyes is a wish of every girl. Having beautiful eyes also gives a great impact on everyone. When you have high contrast iris which is the colored part of your eyes with sclera the white part of your eyes, they will look so beautiful and sparkling which also convey a sense of excitement, health and vitality.

Make Your Eyes Look Classy

You have also seen that when someone is making photograph for TV ads or newspaper ads, they make your eyes look bright with high contrast to give an attractive impact. Most of the peoples have tried to change the color of their eyes to look more gorgeous and beautiful, and some of them also try different types of eye lenses to look beautiful.

Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Classy, Brighter And Beautiful

If you think your eyes are red, scratchy, irritated or dry, then your eyes will not give an attractive impact and also will not naturally sparkle. You have to take care of your eyes to get rid of these things to look gorgeous and beautiful. And to keep them always brighter and healthier. You should also need to know that the sides or area around your eyes are also very important as your eyes are.

1. You Have To Avoid Dry Air

You must have to avoid dirty or dry air which is present in high altitudes, airplanes and desert climates. You also know that wind and smoke can also make your eyes look dry. And when your eyes don’t have enough moisture, then your eyes will irritate and also will become scratchy and red.

You must have to avoid this type of dry air to protect your eyes and when you notice that your eyes are not hydrated then you must use eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated.

2. You Can Also Put Green Tea Bags On Your Eyelids

If you are feeling that your eyes are irritated, swollen or puffy, then you must place green tea bags on your eyelids, this will help you in reduction of swelling and ease discomfort. You can leave or put the green tea bags on some water and let them become cool enough completely, or you can also p;ace them in fridge for a round about 15 minutes and let them become cool.

After this process then get down, close your eyes and place these green tea bags on your eyes for a round about 10 minutes, as a result you will get classy and beautiful eyes.

3. You Can Also Try An Eye Massage

Doing a simple eye massage around your eyes will improve, boost circulation and lymph drainage. This will also reduce the dark circles around your eyes. You can do an eye massage with the help of your fingers, doing massage for several times a week will make your eyes get classy, attractive and healthy.

4. You Have To Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

Protecting your eyes from the sun is also an important part of your daily life. The UV rays coming from the sun can make your eyes look dry, and it will also burn your eyes or the skin under your eyes. You can use wraparound sunglasses with UV Rays protection when you are looking towards the sun. And you can also add some safety shields on the sides of your glasses to avoid the dry air and wind also.

5. You Have To Drink A Good Amount Of Water

You must drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep your eyes well hydrated, this will also help you in keeping enough moisture in your body which will keep your eyes hydrated and lubricated. If the weather is warm, then you must have to drink more water daily. It will help you in making your body active and your eyes will also become healthy.

Make Your Eyes Look Classy

6. You Have To Get A Good Quality Of Sleep

If you are not getting good quality of sleep your eyes will look depressed and unhealthy, you must have to get to the bead early to fulfil the need of your sleep. You have to sleep at least 7 to 9 hours daily to fulfil your need for sleep. If you want that you must sleep daily then you have to leave your electronic devices i.e. Mobile Phone, iPad, Laptop or Computer far away from you at the time of sleep.

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