Cheapest Countries To Visit In January

cheapest countries to visit

Looking For cheapest countries to visit so as you know that January arrives, a punch in the face in the form of reality, after the Christmas spirit has left the cities and the streets have returned to their regular appearances.

That is why many people want to visit a different location in order to maintain that unique environment. Nevertheless, since the holidays were expensive, many people will look for less expensive alternatives.

Here are our suggestions for a low-cost getaway, whether you’d rather escape the cold and spend some time in the sun or you just want to make the most of the winter by travelling to the cheapest countries to visit!

1) Budapest, located in Hungary

Budapest’s streets may get very chilly, but there are a tonne of warm, comforting spots where you can curl up for a coffee.

In addition, the wonderful city of Budapest, with all its attractions like the Buda Castle, Citadel, and Parliament Building is simply breathtaking in the winter. If you’re fortunate enough to see all covered in snow, you won’t even feel the cold! Is there a better time to enjoy Budapest’s hot baths, which are renowned across the world?

Try Gellert or Szechenyi, the most popular tourist destinations, but head to Veli Bej if you want a more authentic experience. Overall, Budapest is a reasonable choice due to the availability of really economical buses that arrive at Nepliget bus station.

2) Transylvania, located in Romania

For anyone who enjoys the gothic ambiance, the mysterious realm of the bloodthirsty vampire stories is the ideal cheapest countries to visit.

Just picture the castles blanketed in snow, the Carpathian Forest that looks like something out of a dream. Charming Transylvania offers everything required to create a memorable winter.

Visit the UNESCO monuments like Sighisoara and the churches in Biertan and Viscri, hear about Dracula, and go to Bran Castle to add some frightful tales to the ambiance. Learn about the customs and folklore of Transylvania and its romantic side. Dare to escape to this distinct winter fairytale, nevertheless!

3) Athens, located in Greece

For anyone seeking to escape the bitter cold throughout the winter This “open-air museum” and the birthplace of democracy are ideal. You can tour the temples, ruins, and ancient sites thanks to the pleasant weather. But the main benefit of visiting Athens in the winter is that there aren’t as many tourists there as there are in the summer. Athens offers some sunshine, with locals sitting outside drinking coffee or tea while the rest of Europe is shivering.

cheapest countries to visit

4) Dubrovnik, located in Croatia

Although the majority prefer to visit Dubrovnik in the summer, there are many reasons to visit this well-known “Game of Thrones” destination in the winter as well.

First off, the rates are substantially lower because there aren’t the same unfathomable throngs as in the summer. This is the ideal chance to sample all the Mediterranean cuisine’s specialties. In addition, Dubrovnik is rarely too chilly at this time of year, making it a pleasant retreat from the snow-covered areas.

Locals can be seen here drinking coffee or tea al fresco, although the picturesque streets are largely deserted, and the ambiance in the city centre is fantastic.

5) Dublin, located in Ireland

Dublin remains vibrant long after the holidays are over, so you have the chance to go to the TradFest, a celebration of traditional Irish music, at the end of January.

If visiting Dublin this winter is in your plans, be sure to attend the best party in town, which is made every year by the best Irish folk musicians. Like all other tourist destinations, winter is less busy, allowing you to enjoy all the museums and monuments in peace.

Although you might see a snow-covered Dublin, the scenery will still be breathtaking, but for the most part. Dublin doesn’t experience a harsh winter.

But venture outside of Dublin to discover Ireland! Keep in mind that, from the Inishowen Peninsula, you could even be able to. Witness the majestic Aurora Borealis due to its position.

6) Porto, located in Portugal

With temperatures that rarely dip below 10 °C, Porto may, for some, feel like summer. If you want to escape the winter, this is another great city.

However, its warm environments and hearty fare, like francesinha or caldo verde, will warn anyone. In addition, Porto is well-known for its wine cellars and Port Wine is well-known worldwide. Did you know that even in the dead of winter, you may sign up for surfing lessons?

cheapest countries to visit

Even if you lack experience, you are welcome to join them at any moment. Finally, when there aren’t many people around, stroll through its quaint streets, monuments, and UNESCO sites.

7) Prague, located in Czechia

With its Baroque buildings and cobblestone alleys, Prague is a veritable winter wonderland, especially when it is coated in snow. Explore the city’s streets and top attractions, including Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Old Town Hall. Before rushing to one of the many cosy spots for a beer or perhaps a hot chocolate.

Visit Cesky Krumlov, a small, readily accessible mediaeval village close to Prague, to add some flavour to your journey. Try not to miss it because this place is extremely magical during the winter.

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