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Best Places For Solo Female To Travel Around The World In 2022

Here I will tell you about some places for solo female to travel around the world. Many peoples, especially females, love to travel solo fully alone around the world and enjoy the beauty present on the planet earth. Here in this post, I will share some destinations where a solo female traveler can travel without any problem and enjoy the traveling journey.

Whether it’s a well established tourist infrastructure with having high security for the Solo Female Traveler. So below are some suggestions from me where you can travel solo any time.

Places For Solo Female To Travel


Thailand is one of the most popular solo traveler destination, there are many reasons. Those travelers who have not traveled towards Asia must visit Thailand, and you will experience the world with new things and have fun. The prices of things and hotel rooms are also very less. You can go to Bangkok and you will easily travel the entire country from the same location. You can either travel through a Bus, Train or Plane.

There are no chances of crime in Thailand line pickpockets which are very famous in some countries nowadays and the peoples of Thailand are also very respectful and kind.


Cambodia is very similar to Thailand. And it is an excellent destination for a solo female traveler. Cambodia is very famous in Southeast Asia, you will also meet a lot of travelers while you are traveling in Cambodia. You can easily find a 5-star hotel or a hostel in very less cost anywhere between Cambodia. Traveling inside the Cambodia is very affordable.


If you want to travel in an International level of country, then you must visit Canada. The peoples of Canada are known for their politeness. The rate of crime in Canada is very less and there is no chance of crime. The culture of Canada is similar to U.S. So if you want a first International Trip then Canada is the best place to visit. The prices of things are a bit high in Canada due to the exchange rates, But there are many options of accommodation to choose.

New York

Places For Solo Female To Travel

There are many other countries or cities, but New York is one of the best traveling destination for solo female traveler. The locals of New York are very busy in their own works, no one will say that look there a lady is standing alone. Every one is busy in their business so no one will notice what are you up to. You can reach New York from any city of the world easily. It is not the best budge destination, but you will enjoy traveling solo in New York.

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