Best cheapest countries to visit in Europe 2023

cheapest countries to visit

Searching for the cheapest countries to visit in Europe? Heys, look at the article we just have published below, so you can easily find out all the best cheapest countries to visit in 2023.

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cheapest countries to visit

Europe has a wide variety of vacation spots to suit all tastes and interests, from sandy beaches along azure coasts to winding mountain routes and over a thousand-year-old historical sites.

Unfortunately, a lot of these locations, particularly those in well-traveled nations like France, Germany, and the Netherlands, will also push your budget to the limit.

You’ll need to think outside the box and go to less well-known (but equally magical) locations if you’re looking for the most affordable European states to visit. From our list of the most affordable European nations, pick the top destinations.

1. Bulgaria

With good cause, Bulgaria frequently leads lists of the most affordable nations in Europe to visit. To begin with, Bulgaria is still mainly unknown to tourists, except those who come during the summer for a budget getaway by the Black Sea.

Even then, you’ll only have to pay a fraction of what you would in Western Europe for lodging, transportation, and entertainment.

Prices drop significantly during the off-season, and you can travel, eat, and go skiing for a tenth of what it would cost in the West.

The Central Balkan National Park tops the list for excellent walks and magnificent vistas, and the countryside is one of the nicest elements of visiting Bulgaria.

Castles, towns, and hiking trails there are all either free or extremely affordable.

2. Romania

Romania is one of the least expensive travel destinations in Europe, particularly if you want to hike in the. Carpathian Mountains or are primarily interested in seeing the countryside.

Even a trip to Brasov, where Dracula’s Bran Castle is located. May be extremely reasonably priced if you sign up for a sightseeing day tour or don’t mind taking a sluggish train out of Bucharest. Romanian trains are safe and extremely affordable, albeit they are not always in the best condition.

The Old Town from the fifteenth century, Revolution Square, and Romania’s own Arch of Triumph are just a few of Bucharest’s most stunning landmarks, and they are all either free to enter or very reasonably priced. Renting a bike in the summer can be a terrific way to discover smaller cities.

3. Montenegro

Many people couldn’t even locate Montenegro on a map because it only achieved independence in 2006. Expect relatively low meal costs in Montenegro because it is a country that is still trying to figure itself out. Stick to the hearty, meaty native dishes like the pie-like burek; anything else will cost you tourist prices. Weekend farmers markets are held in most cities and are a terrific place to get a cheap snack or quick meal.

Most of the visitors to Montenegro’s coast in July and August are from Russia, whose nationals do not require a visa to enter the country.

cheapest countries to visit

4. Portugal

The most alluring places in Portugal are those where visitors may enjoy the outdoors, the sun, and nature for free. For its soft golden sands, cliffs, and lighthouses, the Faro District in the south of the country is a well-liked vacation spot. In contrast, tourists flock to Madeira for its untamed volcanic hiking trails, stunning harbor, and excellent scuba diving.

Traveling to Portugal outside the height of the tourist season (June to August) will result in significant cost savings on lodging and food. It’s the best time to travel to get the best deals because costs decrease even further from November to February while temperatures stay at 17 to 18 degrees Celsius.

5. Slovenia

Slovenia is a little nation bordered by three giants: Hungary, Italy, and Austria. The nation is mountainous and heavily forested. However, the majority of visitors come for the coastline since Slovenia, which is situated along the Adriatic Sea, has many reasonably priced sandy beaches and plenty of sunshine.

The beaches are all public and free, so it’s feasible to keep prices down even during peak season, even though the summer brings more expensive hotels along the coast. Late April, when temperatures are already summery, but the tourists haven’t yet come, is a very affordable time to visit Koper beach and the surrounding Mestna beach, Moon Bay, and the well-known seaside resort of Portoroz.

6. Hungary

Hungary is one of the most expensive nations in Eastern Europe, although it is still considerably less expensive than visiting popular spots in the Western part of the continent.

The Chain Bridge walk across the Danube and a tour of the Castle Hill neighborhood are just two of the many free things to do in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The underground Castle Labyrinth and Buda Castle are only two of the attractions in the Castle region that aren’t free to visit, but they’re still extremely reasonably priced. The city of Budapest organizes a “Night of the Museums” every June, during which you can explore various Budapest attractions for nothing.

7. Slovakia

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is undoubtedly the most costly city in the nation, but even here, you can keep your vacation affordable by utilising the many free amenities the city has to offer.

cheapest countries to visit

Bratislava is home to a large number of street sculptures, including life-size Napoleon’s soldiers leaning against benches and bronze labourers emerging from sewage holes, in addition to several tiny galleries dispersed across the entire city. The majority of the best sights and activities to do are concentrated in and around the Old Town centre region of Bratislava, the country’s capital, which is a tiny city that is easy to explore on foot. If you’re travelling outside the city, trains and buses are inexpensive and pleasant.

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