You are currently viewing Best BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe To Try In 2022

Best BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe To Try In 2022

You are looking for Best BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe. We will teach you the best method to bake a BBQ Chicken Pizza at home. This pizza will be covered with BBQ Pizza Sauce, Shredded Checked Pieces, Mozzarella Cheese, Cilantro and Red Onion, and you just have to take 30 minutes to make this pizza ready.

Best BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

If you are a pizza lover like me. So we will teach you the best methods to make pizzas at home in different kinds and taste.

What Things Will You Are Require For Best BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe (Ingredients)

1. Pizza Dough

IF you want to lean how to make How To Make The Best Pizza Dough then you must check out the previous blog which we have shared. You can also use a pre-made pizza dough, crust though, or you can also use flat bread.

2. BBQ Sauce

You can make BBQ Sauce by your self, or you can also buy the BBQ Pizza Sauce from the market and use it.

3. Chicken

You can use rotisserie chicken pieces, or you can bake the BBQ Chicken pieces by your self, you can use any kind of BBQ taste chicken pieces to make a pizza at home.

4. Cheese

You can use any kind or type of cheese to make a pizza at home, how every we always use Mozzarella cheese which have a good and outstanding taste, and this is used for BBQ Chicken Pizza.

5. Red Onion

If you want more bold taste and give your pizza an attractive look, then you must try out red onion slice.

How To Bake BBQ Chicken Pizza

Firstly, you have to roll out the dough, you have to take a large baking sheet or a pizza stone then apply oil using a brush on it. After that, place the rough into the pizza pan or stone.

After this, you have to take a 1/4 cup of the pizza sauce and add it to the dough using a spoon. And then mix the chicken with the remaining sauce. Now sprinkle the cheese pieces on the dough and then add the chicken on it and place some red onion slices on it also.

After doing all the required work, then you have to place the pan into the oven having 425 °F degree and then bake it for at least 18 to 30 minutes. After some time it turns brown, then take out the pan and then enjoy the pizza.

Best BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

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