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10 Best Long And Cool Hairstyles For Men

When you are talking about long and cool hairstyles for men. Long hairs is the stylish and attractive hairstyle which looks much more unique and attractive to every one. Long hairs allow men’s to make some extra styling options, beautiful hair cut and also allows them to create some extra style.

Long hairs also require some extra care, maintenance, and we have to spend more time for the care of these long and stylish hairs. If you have Curly, Smooth, Thick or wavy hair, there are many options to make styles or haircut for your hairs.

Hairstyles For Men

Some peoples like small hairs and some of them likes middle length hairs to create a charming, attractive and low-maintenance style. There are huge amounts of hairstyles for men, so it would be much more hard to choose the right men’s hair cut for long hairs.

To inspire you with some of our ideas, we’ve created a list of some famous and stylish attractive hairstyles below. Explore these hairstyles for guys who have long hairs and want an attractive and stylish look.

10 Best Long And Cool Stylish Hairstyles For Men

1. Long Slicked Back Hair

The Long Slicked Back Hairstyle is the best and great way to make your long and medium long hairs into a classy and stylish look. Brush your long and medium long hairs towards the back to make a beautiful and stylish look. You can use a comb, or you can also use your fingers to make your hairs stylish and attractive.

2. Ponytail

The ponytail and a beautiful and attractive stylish look for those guys who want an effortlessly chic look. Ponytail is still a fantastic and classic option for those men’s who want an attractive and classic look without making too much style. You just have to comb your hair towards back and then tie them. If you get bore to have similar look for much time, then you can switch the angle from low position to higher position.

3. Man Bun

The Man Bun is also a beautiful, attractive, stylish and modern hairstyle for guys those have long hairs. This look is more attractive and beautiful, and it has also become more ionic with the passage of time as long hairs guys appreciate its stylish and attractive look and design.

4. Long Hair With Middle Part

Long Hair With Middle Part is also an attractive and stylish look for men’s long hair if you get bore to have some similar designs for your hairs then you must try the long hair with middle part stylish, it will be an attractive and stylish design for men’s nowadays. Like all the great and stylish look hairstyles, a part let you keep the soft vibe men finds refreshing.

5. Really Long Hairs

If you have Really Long Hairs and you don’t get any of the given style to get an attractive, stylish and eye caching look, then the best hairstyle is to leave your hairs flow freely. You must need to do good haircut or maintenance and a huge amount of care to get a stylish and fancy finish. Using a good hair shampoo and a conditioner will make your hairs look healthy, and will have a shinny finish.

6. Braids

Braid allows you to switch up your hairstyle depending on your mood. Braids are classic and stylish hairstyle trend for those guys who have long hairs. If you are fancy attempting something more daring, then can braid your hairs contains the top and sides of your head and after creating a braid, then tie the remaining hairs as a thick bun. It is a beautiful and attractive, eye-catching hairstyle for men’s.

7. Long Curly Hairs

For unique, attractive and classy look you must try Long Curly Hairstyle. Lot of guys make their hairs smooth and plane instead of curly hairs to get more attractive and stylish hairstyle. You also must know that long curly hairs requires much care and maintenance as you don’t want them to appear frizzy and untamed

8. Long Straight Hairs

The most of the stylish and fancy attractive hairstyle for guys having long hairs nowadays, when you are choosing long hairstyles for long straight hairs guys must decide they want smooth or texture style. You can get smoothness when you brush your hair straight when they are wet.

9. Top Knot

Top Knot is also similar to man bun, but the difference between man bun and Top Knot is the hair cut and where the hair is tied. Man Bun required long hairs while for the Top Knot you have to style your hairs with faded, undercut or shaved sides. The man bun is tied at the back of the head while the Top Knot get ties in the top to get an attractive and unique look.

10. Shoulder Length

Those guys who want medium long hairs must try the Shoulder Length hair cut, they also don’t need to do any hassle of constantly styling their hair. If you want to have shoulder-length, then you must leave your hairs natural and unstyled or very simple to give an eye-caching and stylish look.

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